The Framework for Managing Complexity of Interconnections®.

The F4MCI® is the commercial product of a four year research in ‘Managing Complexity in Project teams’©.

The software, which is for Project Managers and Team Leaders, enables the management of the effects of complexity of interconnections through the processes that affect and are part of measuring project management outcome.

The F4MCI® was validated by practitioners, from Director to Project Manager level.

In September 2011 the F4MCI® was endorsed by the International Centre for Complex Project Management as a complexity managing and decision making tool.

Currently in discussions to roll the tool out to a number of organisations that deliver projects.

For more details see page 'Tools for Project Managers'.

Complexity Consultancy

Delivery of consultancy on the subject of complexity to various organisations based on the academic achievement in the field of complexity, the association with a number of international forums dealing with the subject (International Centre of Complex Project Management and Complex Projects Research Consortium), the continuous education on the latest thinking, as well as the delivery of training on complexity when rolling out the F4MCI®.

Member of the Complex Projects Research Consortium.

Member of the International Centre for Complex Project Management and contributor to the Task force report - published September 2011.