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Article Title and links

Articles in the International Centre for Complex Project Management on:

Complexity and Partnering in Construction Projects - Part 1

Complexity and Pertnering in Construction Projects - Part 2

White paper

Socio-organo Complexity and Project Performance - Further Thoughts

Behavioural Bubbles Theory:

Response to HBR article by Gianpiero Petrigliery and

White paper on the concept of 'Bubbles' Theory 


Response to HBR article

Behavioural Bubbles Theory

Two Chapters in the book: 'Chaos and Complexity Theory for Management: Nonlinear Dynamics' (Ed: S. Banerjee).

To be published in the summer of 2012

1st Chapter:

'Leadership Style and the Management of the effects of Complexity'

2nd Chapter:

'Teams and Complexity: merging theories towards a Finite Structure'

International Journal of Project Management (IJPM) - Vol.29(7)

Socio-organo Complexity and Project Performance 

Business Systems Review Vol 2(2)


Download the paper from:

Social Science Research Network


Leadership Style and Socio-organo Complexity: Managing its Effects

Project Perspective – IPMA annual Journal - Sep-2011, Vol. XXXIV

Structuring of Project Teams and Complexity

Complete paper can be accessed on:

CIB W117

Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value (JfAPIV) - Vol.4(1)


Complexity and the Process of Selecting Project Team Members

International Journal of Construction Project Management (IJCPM) - Vol.3(1)

A Framework for the Management of Complexity in Projects

International Centre for Complex Project Management - Complex Project Management - Global Perspectives and the Strategic Agenda to 2025 - Part V

Managing Complexity of Interactions in Projects: A Framework for Decision Making

Journal of the World Complexity Science Academy - June 2012 Vol 2012/1

On Selection of Project Team Members and Complexity

Project – the APM Magazine

Project Interfaces

Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture (JCEA) USA - Vol.5(2)

Rethinking Project Organisation and Management

Fig. 6 - A 3D approch for Organisational Structures