Programme Management level Experience

Carillion Plc

Operations & Compliance (Programme) Manager – Nottingham BSF  2010 - 2012

As Programme / Operations & Compliance Manager I reported to the MD of the Nottingham Local Education Partnership (LEP) and programme managed the delivery of the Nottingham BSF and other works awarded by the Council. The role involved monitoring and reporting on construction progress of c25 PFI and D&B schools/projects. I dealt, not only with the Construction Directors, but also with the various Heads of Schools and teaching personnel and resolved issues concerning delivery and functionality of schools from concept to handover, operation and facilities management (c £250M).
I was also responsible for monitoring and reporting on H&S issues to the LEP Board.


Project Execution Manager – Heathrow East Terminal                           2006 - 2007

I was responsible for the implementation of all the Programme and Project Management processes (including Project Control).

  • Developed the Complex Build Integrators’ Project Management Questionnaire and Evaluation process and was part of the evaluation committee of all eight submissions on ‘How Complex Build Integrators will Project Manage’.
  • Set up the processes for the integration of the two Complex Build Integrators who together with the BAA team and the team of Designers will deliver the £1.3Bn construction of the new Heathrow East Terminal (HET) in the heart of the Central Terminal Area of Heathrow.
  • Wrote the HET Programme Execution Plan and the initial Design Management Plan.
  • Developed the original Work Package Execution Plan which was used as the tool to manage all contracts and subcontracts which were to be based on NEC contract.


Thames Water UK & Ireland

Project Manager & PMO Manager                                                  1999 to 2002

Manager of the Programme Office (35 staff) and Operational Expenditure (Opex) of £1.2M.

I reported and gave advice to the two Project Directors, the Engineering Director and the Capital Advisory Group on the performance of the Engineering Capital Expenditure programme that was in excess of £220M per annum. 

  • Operated at Programme level and advised Senior Management on Programme performance issues (14 programme areas).
  • Worked closely with the six Programme Managers (14 programme areas and approximately 900 projects) and interfaced with the other Business Units – at Programme level - so that the five-year plan can be delivered on time and cost/budgets as these were allocated by Strategy.
  • Liaised with and provided input to the TW Utilities Capital Advisory Group on Engineering delivered outputs to time and cost.  Directly responsible for the provision and presentation of financial and other project progress data.
  • Established all Programme and Project Control Management systems, processes, procedures, and department structures for the TW Engineering Alliance with six Contractors. These co-ordinated, combined and automated the transfer of information from six Alliance Partners to our central offices.
  • Project Manager for the implementation of the Thames Water International “Bidding System”. Developed, communicated and agreed the proposal and implemented the project.
  • Member of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Programme Management Team as leader of the Supply Chain Projects stream for the implementation a Business wide ERP system. Defined and communicated the Vision statement to Directors and other business stakeholders.  Established the methodology for analysis, which included techniques such as ‘process mapping’, Data Flow Diagrams (where required) and process flowcharts.
  • Designed, produced and put into practice, for Thames Water International, the “Project Manager support package for small / consultancy projects”.


Halliburton Brown & Root

Programme Office Manager                                                             1997 to 1999

Worked with the Project Management team for/with Egnatia Odos S.A. - Greece - client organisation for the delivery of the largest road construction project in Europe (£3.2bn, 680Km), reporting to the Project Director and the General Manager and managing 51 personnel.

  • I led the re-definition of the project into a programme of works with new time and cost targets.  Together with the Project Director communicated and agreed all findings to the various stakeholders (the Board, General Manager and other parties).
  • Proposed, and agreed, with Senior Management, Capital expenditure - current and future - for funding applications to the European Community.  Reporting directly to the appropriate government ministries in order to establish countrywide funding and expenditure policy.