Programme Office & Project Control Manager level Experience

UK Power Networks  


Head of Programme Management Office                                                       2012 to Date

I have set up a lean PMO that supports Investment Delivery, Engineering Design and other Capital Directorate disciplines and interfaces with Asset Management, Finance and other Directorates. The Directorate delivers c£250M p.a. Capex (both regulated and unregulated projects).

Carillion Plc

Project / Bid Manager                                                                                   2007 to 2012

In parallel with the preparation of bids I advised the Project Director of the extension to the Heathrow Terminal 5 works (£350M) on project control issues and guided on the 10 processes that need to be considered in terms of implementing Project Control.


Turner & Townsend Project Management   

Senior Project Manager                                                                               2002 to 2006

During the period 2002 to 2004, I supported the BAA Heathrow Head of Projects at Terminal 3 to deliver the £300M worth programme of works in the role of Programme Control Manager.  I advised and provided Project Control support for the delivery of the Programme of works to Time, Cost, Quality, using NEC based contact of works at programme and project level.  The programme consisted of four major projects and 25 small.  All projects were delivered on time and to, or below the expected budget.  My role included providing Project Control guidance to the six BAA Project Managers, who reported to the Head of Projects, and their respective teams.

I also developed and rolled out the Project Control Handbook for the Terminal 3 Programme of works.


Thames Water UK & Ireland

Programme Office Manager                                                                         1999 to 2002

Manager of a department of 39 staff and Operational Expenditure (Opex) of £1.2M.

I reported and gave advice to the two Project Directors and the Engineering Director on a Capital Expenditure programme that was in excess of £220M per annum. 



Cost & Planning Managers (2) Estimating and Systems Managers (2)
Programme Coordinators (6) Estimators (11)
Cost & Planning Controllers (12) Systems Administrators (2)
Development and External work (2) Admin & Secretarial (2)


  • Responsible for providing advice, management and project office services to Project Directors, Programme, Project and Resource Managers (programme support, estimating, planning, cost control/management and reporting).
  • Liaise with and provide input to the TW Utilities Capital Management Team on Engineering delivered outputs to time and cost.  Directly responsible for the provision and presentation of financial and other project progress data. 
  • Worked closely with the six Programme Managers (14 programme areas and approximately 900 projects) and interfaced with the other Business Units – at Programme level - so that the five-year plan can be delivered on time and cost/budgets as these were allocated by Strategy.
  • In order to achieve the targets the accuracy of initial estimates was expected to be within (+/-) 5% and control and monitoring was set at two levels – project and programme.
  • Established all Programme and Project Control Management systems, processes, procedures, and department structures for the TW Engineering Alliance with six Contractors. These will co-ordinate, combine and automate transfer of information from six Alliance Partners to our central offices.
  • In parallel with the day-to-day Programme and Project Management activities I wrote a feasibility report and I am in the process of implementing the Integrated Programme and Project Management System.  A number of Programme and Project Management processes, practices and software tools will be reviewed and integrated to create the required efficiencies and effectiveness of the reporting pyramid.
  • Prepared a number of procedures on processes like Resource Management, Time Recording, structuring of project information, monitoring Operational overheads and establishing Capital expenditure overheads.  I also advised on Risk Management (RM) process, the use of @Risk for the RM workshops, the linking of the Estimating System and the RM output, including policies on managing project and programme contingencies.
  • Also provided ‘process support’/advice to the Business Development and International group, and deputised for Project Directors as and when required.


Halliburton Brown & Root

Programme Office Manager (overseas)                                                           1997 - 1999

Worked with the Project Management team for/with Egnatia Odos S.A. - Greece - client organisation for the delivery of the largest road construction project in Europe (£3.2bn, 680Km), reporting to the Project Director and the General Manager and managing 51 personnel.


Assistant Managers (2) Planning & Cost Contol (9)
I.T. personnel (5) Cost Estimating (2)
Document Management (11) E.U. monitoring & reporting (4)
Public Relations (6) G.I.S. (Geographical Information System) (3)
Project Reporting (3) Translators (6)

 (Number of personnel in brackets)


  • Led the re-definition of the project into a programme of works with new time and cost targets.  Together with the Project Director communicated and agreed all findings to the various stakeholders (the Board, General Manager and other parties).
  • Established and structured the department, including detailed job descriptions, presentation and acceptance by the Board and the General Manager and interviewed in excess of 100 people.
  • Successfully established the company Programme/Project Control System (3 planning and cost control levels) and was audited and commended twice by the European Commission inspectors.
  •  Led, procured and advised on the setting up of the Geographical Information System (GIS) which classifies and monitors Company Assets and supports the required periodic maintenance.
  •  Developed Risk Management procedures and run a number of risk scenarios (using the software package @Risk).
  •  Proposed, and agreed, with Senior Management, Capital expenditure - current and future - for funding applications to the European Community.  Reporting directly to the appropriate government ministries in order to establish countrywide funding and expenditure policy.
  •  Prepared the MIS strategy that should see the Client organisation requirements well into the O&M stage.  This will be carried out basically via the I.T. and G.I.S. units.  The report proposed and described the installation of SAP system.  Also Project Managed the Y2K project.



Southern Water / McDowells

Project Control Manager                                                                                1994 - 1997

Set up the department and managed a strong, flexible and multi-functional team of nine staff.  My department was part of the Programme Management Division and I reported to the Head of Value Management.  Budget of £190,000.

  • I was classed a Technical Expert on Project/Programme Management techniques and was responsible for providing project control services (contractual advice, planning, resourcing and cost control) to Directors, Project and Resource Managers of the two "engineering divisions".
  • Established the department and wrote all necessary procedures.  My department provided Programme Management advice and services (using the software tool described below) extracting information from the large number (approx. 600) projects for Southern Water Plc. and provided support to the seven disciplines within the company.
  • I had the leading role (Project Manager) in the development and implementation of a computerised, company wide, Project Management System (which together with other in house applications became similar in principle with the SAP systems), using Artemis ProjectView and TrackView.  It was a complete cultural change which involved analysis of the requirements, resolution of problems introduced by the changes in the way the company functioned (e.g. moving to marginal costing), planning of the implementation stage, discussions and training of 200 staff on Project Management concepts (from planning and resourcing, to Earned Value, etc.).
  • I developed the training courses for four different levels of users.
  • Project managed a number of small projects and responsible for all Overhead projects.
  • Wrote the Disaster Recovery procedures, which enabled the strategic and functional recovery of operation(s) within two to six hours of any disaster.



Balfour Beatty Projects & Engineering 

Project Control Engineer and System Manager                                           1988 to 1994 

System Manager reporting to the Senior Project Manager.  Responsibilities :

System Manager. Running of the Artemis 6000 Mini computer system (10 terminals and three plotters), (seven staff). Designed and developed IT project control systems. Promoted the planning ‘business’ to other branches of Balfour Beatty and external users. Trained staff on Artemis 6000 or 7000. Developed the company ‘IT’ archiving method statement and procedures and the Disaster Recovery procedures.


Project Control Engineer. Using the above system I successfully took part in a large number of projects, by developing and using, detailed resourced programmes (from two to four levels of reporting), detailed cost control and vendor control systems (up to 12 suppliers) and other project control applications in an IT environment, some of those were: Jebel Ali 'G' Power Station & Desalination Plant (Dubai), Ironbridge Power Station, Crossness S.T.W., Karachi Electricity Supply - 11 Substations, Channel Tunnel Power Supply Engineering Design, Maputo Rehabilitation of Power Station, Beijing Underground modernisation (using Artemis 7000-386), Cost control for Balfour Kilpatrick's B.B.C. White City Development Project, UK M.O.D., detailed installation network and mantime control, Large number of Tender programmes.


Wrote a number of reports e.g. the company’s "Planning methodology", how Artemis 6000 can be used to develop project control systems, Artemis 6000 "System standardisation".